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  1. Signs of a Faulty Pressure Sensor

    There are many types of pressure sensors for a wide number of applications and processes. From automobiles to measuring flows in pipelines, fluid level measurements, density measurements, a differential pressure can provide the best solution for your application.

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  2. Sensors Improve Robots Efficiency

    Robots are becoming an integral part of factories transition to digitally smart environments. Digital factories make use of human-robot interactions to improve efficiency by having robots helping humans to easily perform difficult and time-consuming tasks.

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  3. Tips to maintain Melt-pressure Transducers

    Melt-pressure transducers are widely used in extrusion processing to monitor pressure. Since pressure monitoring is an important quality control technique, pressure transducers are essential components and ensuring accuracy is of utmost importance. Moreover, since it is a precision measuring unit, pressure transducers require careful handling and maintenance for optimum performance. It is necessary to have a proper understanding of the installation methods and the limitations associated to attain reliable results.

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  4. The Importance of Quality Control in Manufacturing

    Quality control is the key to establishing a successful business and is a segment that plays a major role in the production process. Manufacturers need to ensure that quality is maintained at every stage of production. The term quality can be approached from various perspectives and implies that the required specifications are fulfilled and the product manufactured is functioning as expected.

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  5. Types of Pressure Sensors and their uses

    A pressure sensor is a device that is used to monitor and control a wide array of applications. It offers measured data for industrial systems and equipment to enable better supervision. Such measurements are essential in process environments and industrial automation as they have a direct impact on the success of a process. This makes pressure sensors a vital component in control and measurement technology. 

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  6. New product developed for water industry

    flush daphragm pressure transmitter with low power supply of 3V and 0-2.5V output 

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  7. Moisture-Ingress Induced Failures with Submersible Pressure Sensors

    Moisture ingress is one of the top causes of pressure sensor failure and the main reason for this would be the entry of water at the interface between the cable and pressure sensor or through the vent tubes. That is because moisture and electrical connections simply don't mix, resulting in internal electronics failure.

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  8. Non-contact rotary position sensor with 4-20mA output

    As the automation trend continues, equipment’s with increased performance is in high demand. In order to achieve these specifications, the requirements for the components that are used to build these equipment’s are growing. This has a major impact on the sensor manufacturing industry.

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  9. Cable Selection Guide for Submersible Level Sensor

    The latest series of submersible pressure sensors from MeasureX offers high accuracy and low cost of ownership with minimal maintenance, making them suitable for long term commercial and industrial applications. Made of robust 316 stainless steel, these level sensors are ideal for harsh environments, such as water that has been contaminated, and fluids that are mildly corrosive. 


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  10. Applications of Miniature load cells in medical industry

    Load cells are basically transducers which can convert weight in to electrical signal and are used in every known industry. With emerging technologies and further reduction in the size of load cells have paved the way for the usage of load cells in medical industry. 

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