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Applications Of Miniature Load Cells In Medical Industry

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Applications Of Miniature Load Cells In Medical Industry
  • April 10, 2017

Applications Of Miniature Load Cells In Medical Industry

Load cells are basically transducers which can convert weight in to electrical signal and are used in every known industry. With emerging technologies and further reduction in the size of load cells have paved the way for the usage of load cells in medical industry. The core technology remains the same as the standard load cells but more suitable and cost effective for applications with space limitation. This has resulted in load cell manufacturers concentrating more on designing miniature load cells for the medical industry.

MeasureX, being one of the leading load cell manufacturers, offers a range of miniature load cells for the medical industry.MLT66, MLC66, MLW66 and MLS66 are the main miniature load cells offered from MeasureX for medical industry. In addition, MLT61 and MLW64 can also be used in medical industry.

In delivering medical treatments and dosing systems, load cell systems forms an essential component in situations such as control and monitor syringe pumps as certain medications, including cancer drugs and other IV fluids, are administered. The pumps utilize load cell in order to regulate pressure continuously, ensuring that the correct dosage is maintained.

load cell systems

The following are just a few examples of load cells in medical applications.

1)Sleep Monitoring

Load cell sensors are useful during sleep studies as a means to monitor the nocturnal movements of the subjects participating in the study. The data collected by the sensor can be used to diagnose sleep disturbance concerns. For patients under long term care, load sensors can be used to the unequal distribution of weight during sleep that can lead to bedsores or falls for patients that are incapacitated.

load cell sensors for sleep monitoring


Miniature load cells can be used during surgery to assist surgeons in preventing the use of excessive force during procedures. This is done by attaching sensors to areas with the delicate issue or fragile bones so that the surgeon has a real-time assessment of the amount of force that is being applied in order to avoid injury to patients.

Miniature load cells


Kidney dialysis is made safer through the use of load cells, which are used to monitor the flow of fluids. By delivering data about the rate of ingoing and outgoing fluids throughout the dialysis session, the process in kept in balance and a staff member can be alerted immediately by an alarm if there is a problem.


For most of physiotherapy exercises, it is critical to know the applied load during the practice. Executing range of miniature load cells helps doctors to monitor the patient improvement in movement without overloading or applying extra force on joints.

load cell - physiotherapy

In addition load cells find application’s in the below mentioned areas as well:
●Verification of forces for fluid injection, surgery systems
●Robotic surgical systems that use load cells
●Testing machines
●Axial and torsion loads on ligaments
●Fluid level and fluid exchange monitoring during medical treatments or surgery

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