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  1. Low-Cost Wireless Pressure Transducer Ready for OEM Applications

    Wireless pressure transducers are ideal for OEM applications that demand high accuracy and economic pricing. These products make use of power to deliver high-resolution digital measurements, a feature that makes them perfect for OEM applications that require wireless connectivity.

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  2. Uses of Pressure Transducers

    A pressure transducer is a device that converts pressure into an electrical signal. It is used in fluid-based power applications that demand an accurate measurement of pressure in an electronic format.

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  3. Frequently Asked Questions about Calibration Curve

    A calibration curve is a method of performing instrument calibration. Instrument calibration is a process in which multiple operations are performed on measuring instruments such as load cells to assess their accuracy. It involves comparing the accuracy of the testing instrument with a recognised standard. Calibration also involves adjustment of the instrument to ensure its compliance with the required standard.

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  4. Accuracy and Performance of MRL21 and MRL25

    The MRL21 and MRL25 pressure transmitters are especially designed to help sustain the performance of industrial plants and are suitable for fresh water applications. Here is how the MRL21 and MRL25 can provide accurate performance and measurements for water management applications.

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  5. Features and Applications of MRB21

    MeasureX Pty Ltd specialise in sensor technology solutions. Our company is a fast-growing international provider of pressure, load, level and displacement sensors.

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  6. Measuring Accurate Levels With MRL23

    At MeasureX, we believe that all of our customers are looking for reliable products at competitive prices. As a result, we have developed the MRL23 to assist with providing accurate and reliable measurements in a variety of corrosive conditions. 

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  7. How to Select the Right Load Cell?

    Load cells are used to measure weights. Measuring weight is a requirement for almost every industry, which is why load cells are common in medicine, agriculture, process weighing, testing and measurement, process weighing and process automation and control.

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  8. Moisture-Ingress Induced Failures with Submersible Sensors

    Moisture ingress is one of the top causes of pressure sensor failure and the main reason for this would be the entry of water at the interface between the cable and pressure sensor or through the vent tubes. That is because moisture and electrical connections simply don't mix, resulting in internal electronics failure.

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  9. Advancements in Weighing Technology

    Weighing is an integral part of several industries such as packaging, material handling, transportation, logistics and food processing. These industries rely on the most accurate weighing solutions to deliver exact quantities to clients, optimise production, streamline inventory management, improve billing accuracy and ensure maximum ROI.

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  10. Design of High Sensitivity Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor

    Environmental problems and climatic changes are huge global issues these days and pressure sensors have a crucial role to play in environmental monitoring. Such sensors have wide applications in various research projects and have also been used extensively by weather stations.

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