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Digital Pressure Sensor

High-end technology for efficient pressure measurement

Pressure measurement is an essential part of any process monitoring system. Based on market reports, you can get a digital pressure sensor for a variety of applications are expanding day by day. Due to special requirements and technical limitations in any industrial application, wide range of technologies offered and different techniques executed to provide a reliable, accurate and durable solution. Piezoresistive pressure sensor measurement systems are one of the most common sensors for pressure measurement for a wide range of applications.

With growing need for development of equipment in the testing environment, MeasureX stands with its collar high, to  claim to be  a reliable source offering high-quality pressure measuring equipment across the globe. MeasureX piezo resistive pressure sensors and sealed pressure sensors are designed to serve in harsh environments and provide high accuracy measurement. Piezo-resistive pressure sensors are flexible enough to be used for absolute pressure measurement, vented gauge or sealed gauge pressure measurement.

What is Piezoresistive pressure sensor?

MeasureX Piezoresistive pressure sensors are developed based on MEMS technology. MEMS (Micro-electromechanical systems) is a process technology used to create tiny integrated devices or systems that combine mechanical and electrical components. MEMS sensors are one of the main categories of Micro-electromechanical systems developed to make them suitable for many new areas of application with high performance and significantly low prices. MEMS Piezoresistive pressure elements fabricated using integrated circuit (IC) batch processing techniques can be made just a few millimeters in size.

There are different methods to manufacture silicon dies and producing the complete pressure transducer or transmitter to provide better performance. These techniques are improving day by day to meet new emerging applications. MeasureX implements state of the art technologies to keep the highest quality of the digital pressure sensor in the market. 

What is Piezoresistive effect?

Lord Kelvin was the first person, discovered the change of electrical resistance in metal devices due to an applied mechanical load. This is the fundamental rule, describes how most of pressure sensors work. Most of direct method electric pressure measurement systems measure change of the resistance in proportion to applied pressure / strain on sensing element of the sensor.

In 1954, when single crystal silicon become the material of choice for the design of analog and digital circuits, the large piezoresistive effect in silicon and germanium was first discovered.

In semi-conducting materials, changes in inter-atomic spacing resulting from strain affect the bandgaps, making it easier (or harder depending on the material and strain) for electrons to be raised into the conduction band. This results in a change in resistivity of the material due to strain. Within a certain range of strain this relationship is linear. Piezoresistive pressure sensors are measuring the change of resistance to measure the strain caused by applied pressure.

Where To Use Pressure Sensors?

The sealed gauge pressure are suitable for a wide range of pressure measurement applications from less than 1bar to about 600bar. For very low range of pressure, capacitive or inductive pressure sensors would provide better performance and for the range higher than 600bar, strain gauge-based pressure sensors are better. We do have a choice of pressure transducers available to cater for all these very low to very high ranges also.

If you are searching for a low-cost pressure sensor, then you can rely on us for the quick delivery of pressure sensors worldwide as we always have a wide range of pressure sensors in stock, to meet urgent demands.

What MeasureX offers?

As measurement solutions experts, we have developed products such as a pressure sensor, oil pressure sensor and other pressure measurement devices to suit the needs of our customers in different industries with high quality and competitive prices. MeasureX piezoresistive pressure sensors are available as sensing elements for OEM applications, pressure transducers with 40 to 70mV output and transmitters with a wide range of analogue and digital outputs. Our absolute, vented or sealed gauge pressure sensors with stainless steel, titanium, tantalum, Hastelloy, etc. diaphragms are an outcome of our daily experience to deliver the needs of our customers with harsh application requirements.

MeasureX piezoresistive pressure sensor indicators are used in applications like drilling and mining equipment, aviation and military application, research centers and water level monitoring in far remote areas with limited accessibility.

Series of transmitters and transducers for accurate measurement

There are a series of pressure transducers and transmitters that we manufacture, which are best suited for various sectors of development. The rugged silicon technology based MRB20, MRB21 and MRF21 series, being highly compatible with gas or liquid, function perfectly in harsh environments like mining, process, water and waste water industry. These transmitters are also preferred in marine, oil and gas, pharmaceutical applications, food industry and many more. The high frequency transmitter, model MRH21 with 1MHz frequency response is suitable for dynamic measurement condition, making it highly reliable in the manufacturing, aerospace field and oil & gas industry as well.

The robust construction and high performance of these pressure sensors make them ideal for demanding long term applications. Apart from these specifications, we also have a wide range of equipment to serve the needs of most industries.

Customisation is our key to reach customer satisfaction

We offer a wide range of customised sensors for different environments of water, wastewater, corrosive gas, oils and liquids. Apart from customizing the sensors to suit different environments, MeasureX is capable of providing a wide range of standard and non-standard process connection, wetted and diaphragm material, IP rating, electric connection output, analogue and digital output and much more. It doesn’t matter if you need to modify a standard product or completely customize a product, we are here to help with our customer driven services. We also offer top-quality OEM applications, which are highly cost effective.

Worried about getting a sensor measurement device at the earliest?

We have developed ourselves to deliver your needs at the earliest. Most of the standard range of sealed pressure sensors we manufacture are available in stock with fast delivery time. We always have ample amount of standard range pressure sensors in stock required to fulfil your urgent needs of replacement and minimize shut down period of your production line or monitoring system with our guaranteed fast delivery service. The whole motive behind this is that we do not wish to make our customers wait for long to get what they need, as we wish to maintain the highest level of agility and service quality by our commitment to fast delivery at every step.

The well-crafted, state of the art pressure sensors are designed to meet the market needs for technological and functional needs. Email us today to get a standard or customised sealed gauge pressure sensor.


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