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  1. High Accuracy Displacement Sensors Use Strain Gauge Technology

    The constantly improving technology pushes industries to come up with products that deliver far more than is expected of them. With customers calling the shots on futuristic product features, you need top quality and competitive pricing when it comes to measurement solutions for OEM applications.

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  2. Troubleshooting Method for Load Cells

    Understanding how load cells work can seem complex for some people. In most of the cases, a simple fault-finding guide is all you need to help you understand load cells and their operating mechanisms. We will be going through some of the examples below.

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  3. How Potentiometers are Used in Marine Steering Systems?

    A potentiometer is a variable sensor used to create an analogue signal to a control mechanism or a processor. It’s used as a feedback device or even as a command device. In marine steering systems, a potentiometer is used to help position the rudder at the desired angle.

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  4. Potentiometer Sensors – A Modern Position Sensing Solution

    From making a toy wave hello to thriving in extreme conditions like guided missiles, potentiometers are an integral part of any system that demands infinite resolution.

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  5. MultiAxis Load Cell | Measurex

    The requirement of measuring force in multi-directions is increasing year by year in many industries. 

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  6. How Does a Differential Pressure Transmitter Work?

    The pressure in an enclosed system can be measured against various reference values; as atmospheric or absolute pressure, gauge pressure or as differential pressure.

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  7. Improving Safety in Machine Control Systems with Limit Switches

    Limit switches are critical components that provide established points to maintain efficiency and safety standards. They offer an effective way of monitoring and controlling a process and preventing accidents and injuries. They are electromechanical devices and are widely used in a range of industrial applications. The ease of use and reliability makes them a vital part of machine control systems.

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  8. Remote Sensing with Submersible Pressure Sensors

    As the name implies, pressure sensors are generally used to monitor the pressure of liquids and gases in the process industries. The sensors can also be used in a variety of different ways, such as in OEM applications and level measurement.

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  9. How to Calibrate Load Cells?

    Load cells are capable of accurately measure force, load and are frequently used in weighing systems. It is crucial to ensure that load cells are properly calibrated to provide accurate results in the long run. To achieve this, it is essential for the operators to set a regular calibration schedule.

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  10. How Frequently Do Sensors Need Calibration?

    Different types of sensors are used to measure the extent of sound, temperature, light or pressure. These measurements have a critical impact on different areas, which is why it is important to ensure that the sensors give out the correct reading.

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