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  1. Cable Selection Guide for Submersible Level Sensor

    The latest series of submersible pressure sensors from MeasureX offers high accuracy and low cost of ownership with minimal maintenance, making them suitable for long term commercial and industrial applications. Made of robust 316 stainless steel, these level sensors are ideal for harsh environments, such as water that has been contaminated, and fluids that are mildly corrosive. 


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  2. Applications of Miniature load cells in medical industry

    Load cells are basically transducers which can convert weight in to electrical signal and are used in every known industry. With emerging technologies and further reduction in the size of load cells have paved the way for the usage of load cells in medical industry. 

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  3. Miniature/high precision spring-loaded LVDT Displacement sensor

    LVDT’s are one of the most commonly used linear position feedback systems and are largely used in industrial monitoring and control applications.. 

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  4. General Purpose Pressure Sensor Types & Applications

    MeasureX offers a variety of pressure sensors that are designed to meet the needs of businesses for a variety of industrial application.

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  5. Key role of pressure sensors in water management systems

    Pressure sensors can help manufacturers to decrease plant downtime, prevent No Failures Found (NFF) in process machineries and lower the number of warranty claims.

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  6. What is the difference between absolute sealed and differential

    These terms will be explained on the basis of MeasureX pressure sensors and transducers and their availability is mentioned in data sheet of every product.

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