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Key Role Of Pressure Sensors In Water Management Systems

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  • Key Role Of Pressure Sensors In Water Management Systems
  • February 10, 2016

Key Role Of Pressure Sensors In Water Management Systems

Pressure sensors can help manufacturers to decrease plant downtime, prevent No Failures Found (NFF) in process machineries and lower the number of warranty claims. In water industry, these issues are more important than other industries as it deals with health and water supply to large number of people. Therefore, any failure or problem in water supply or water treatment systems makes big impact and could be very costly. Here’s how pressure sensors help to monitor and prevent these issues in water management systems. 

Pressure Sensor Applications

Pressure sensors that are designed for use in the water industry can help to maintain the operating efficiency of the water management system. These pressure sensors are designed for a variety of applications, including:

  • Residential Water Pumps
  • Municipal Water Pumps
  • Booster Systems
  • Irrigation Equipment
  • Reverse Osmosis Equipment
  • Desalination Plants
  • Water Filtration Equipment

Because the conditions, ranges and materials can vary significantly for which the pressure must be measured, many different types of pressure sensors exist. In most of electromechanical pressure transducers, pressure converts to an intermediate form, such as displacement / deformation. The pressure sensor may then convert the diaphragm deformation into an electrical output, such as current or voltage. The three most common types of pressure sensors include strain gage, piezoelectric and capacitive.

Many factors can affect the effectiveness of pressure sensors in water management systems. Depending on the type of water, a pressure sensor may be also be exposed to various pH levels. The pH levels are also affected by chemicals and the effectiveness of the water purification process that are present in dams and irrigation systems. In environments where lighting strikes are possible, pressure sensors that include sensing elements to withstand electrical isolation should be used. This offers resistance to stray voltages and leakage currents commonly transmitted through pipes. Sealed gauge reference pressure sensors can offer protection from the elements under harsh environmental conditions, including rain, dust and ice.

Pressure sensors that are designed for optimum performance in water management systems can provide viable solutions for dam and irrigation projects. With high performance, our pressure sensors are ideal for demanding long term applications in water industry.Our pressure sensors and level sensors are in use in many water management systems and we are proud of supplying pressure sensors to water supply and utility leaders across the globe.

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