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Miniature/High Precision Spring-Loaded LVDT Displacement Sensor

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Miniature/High Precision Spring-Loaded LVDT Displacement Sensor
  • December 8, 2016

Miniature/High Precision Spring-Loaded LVDT Displacement Sensor


LVDT’s are one of the most commonly used linear position feedback systems and are largely used in industrial monitoring and control applications. An LVDT can increase the overall performance of the system by providing better control over measurement. LVDT’s also offer absolute measurement capabilities. In other words, if the physical position of the rod is held during shut down, the signal from the LVDT at power up will be the same. This feature – together with its ability to providing accurate linear feedback makes this transducer an excellent design choice whenever a component travels linearly and requires precision monitoring. 


The MDL44 series LVDT’s from MeasureX is a miniature, linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) technology based displacement sensor, suitable for dynamic automation and research applications. It also delivers great flexibility and reliability in addition to having low hysteresis and excellent repeatability. The probe head of the MDL44 is made from, which is resistant to abrasion and provides high levels of durability and wear resistance.  

It is available in displacement ranges from 0-2mm to 0-8mm, with an optional output of AC or DC analog (mA or V). it can be used to perform displacement measure in industrial applications that require a high level of accuracy. The standard non-linearity is 0.25% FS. However, it is optionally available with a non-linearity of 0.1% FS. It has an excellent repeatability of less than 1 µm. This 8mm diameter miniature type displacement gauge offers ultra-precise measurement in a wide variety of Q.C, SPC, and industrial metrology applications. 

MLD44 Applications

The MLD44 is ideal for a variety of long-term applications, including: 

  • The standard Precision is 1% FS
  • A measurement range from 5kg to a maximum of 500kg
  • Low cross talk of 1 to 2%

MLD61 Applications

Medical robotics makes heavy use of multi-axis sensors. Such sensors help advance the field of medical robotics used in surgical procedures, medical training, and rehabilitation. Similarly, multi-axis sensors are used for diagnostic equipment in ultrasound and MRI machines, as well as PET and CT scanners. 

In addition, they find applications in the following areas:  

  • product testing
  • robotic assembly
  • machining, grinding, and polishing

MeasureX offers many options for load cells to meet the needs of companies for various industrial applications. These load cells are designed to assist our industrial customers in solving complex applications.  

To find out more about the MLD61 3 Axis Load Cells that we offer or any other load cell applications, visit us online at or send an email to  

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