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TechnologyPiezo resistive
TypeOEM Pressure Sensing Element
Standard Measurement Range (bar)[-1/0], [-0.2/+0.2], 0.2, 1, 4, 6, 10, 16, 25, 50, 100, 400, 600, 1000, Other non standard range
Purpose and ApplicationGeneral Purpose, Corrosive Media, Compact Size / Miniature, Low voltage Excitation
Accuracy (combined LRH)0.25% FS, 0.5% FS
Output Signal~ 70mV, ~ 40mV
Pressure ReferenceAbsolute (0 at vacuum), Sealed to 1 bar, Vented Gauge (0 at atmospheric pressure)
Process ConnectionNo Pressure Port, G1/4(¼” BSPP male), G1/2(½” BSPP male), Others
Electric Connection4-wire, 6 pin connection
Protection LevelNo
Overload Rating150%
Long Term Stability<0.2% FS/year
Diaphragm MaterialStainless Steel 316L, Hastelloy, Titanium
Compensated Temp. Range0 to 70°C
Operating Temp. Range-20 to +80°C
Temp. Coefficient of Zero0.02% FS /°C
Temp. Coefficient of Span0.02% FS /°C
Input Resistance2-6kΩ
Output ResistanceNo
Insulation resistance100MΩ @ 50VDC
Zero offset≤ ±3mV

High Measuring Accuracy

Pressure Measurement Range of -1 to 1000bar

Compact and Rugged Model

Wide Range of Media Compatibility

Low Static and Thermal Errors

  • Process control systems
  • Production machinery
  • Hydrology research
  • Machine tool control
  • Air conditioning and compressed air lines
  • Chemical industries
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Open cut mining
  • Hydraulic pumps Power plants
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