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MultiAxis Load Cell | Measurex
  • February 4, 2019

MultiAxis Load Cell | Measurex


The requirement of measuring force in multi-directions is increasing year by year in many industries. For this range of applications, normal load cells sense along with a single axis and generally need a large footprint. In contrast, a multi-axis sensor can be smaller, and occupy a smaller space envelope than multiple single-axis sensors. Moreover, its connection scheme can be simpler as well. These factors tend to increase measurement accuracy and reduce mounting and operation costs. 3D load cells can sense 2 or 3 axis. Typical multi-axis load cell applications are found in the offshore industry, industrial test benches and crash testing. 


A 3 axis force sensor can measure the force applied to 3 perpendicular axes of X, Y, and Z. Sensor orientation places the X and Y axes as the horizontal midplane of the load cell body, with the Z axis along the sensor’s central axis. Depending on the application and the range of the force applied, the outputs are in units of 1mV/V and 1.5mV/V. This electrical output indicates the sensor excitation at the rated load

MLD61 3-Axis Load Cell Features

MeasureX Australia specializes in sensor technology solutions. Our product range includes multi-axis load cells, such as the MLD61 which is 3 axis load cell, whether you need a total solution, custom-made systems products, we can help. Our experience has made us a premier supplier of sensor technology for companies around the world. 

Major features of the MLD61 include:  

  • Flatness, roundness, cylindricity, concentricity and runout measurement
  • Inspection and quality control systems in aerospace, automotive and rail industries
  • Automation Power turbines and manufacturing process control systems
  • Research projects, medical equipment and scientific instrumentation

The main aim of all the application engineers today is to use precision sensors in the smallest possible space with increased emphasis placed on accuracy and durability. MDL series linear variable differential transducer from MeasureX comes in handy in such scenarios and are an excellent option for position control in constrained spaces. 

At MeasureX, we offer several options for displacement sensors which our customers require for various industrial applications. Our displacement sensors are designed to be low-error and feature reliable designs. MeasureX has also delivered many customizations to our customers for a reasonable cost within the specifications required for every project.  

To learn more about the high precision MDL44 and other displacement sensors that we offer, visit us today or send an email to  

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