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Non-Contact Rotary Position Sensor With 4-20mA Output

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Non-Contact Rotary Position Sensor With 4-20mA Output
  • April 10, 2017

Non-Contact Rotary Position Sensor With 4-20mA Output

As the automation trend continues, equipment’s with increased performance is in high demand. In order to achieve these specifications, the requirements for the components that are used to build these equipment’s are growing. This has a major impact on the sensor manufacturing industry.

MeasureX Non-Contact Rotary Sensor, MTM41 converts rotary motion into an electrical signal, which acts as an input for the control system. Thanks to the non-contact technology, these sensor offers high accurate wear-free absolute rotary angle measurement. In addition, eliminates the risk of signal loss in dynamic applications.

This compact sensor provides an analog output of 4-20mA, 0-5V or 0-10V which is compatible with most PLCs and industrial control systems. It can provide an absolute output signal over 360° with a linear measuring range of 5° to 355°. The sensor’s linear output voltage has a directly proportional relationship to the sensor’s angle of rotation. With a steel or aluminum body, it can be used under harsh environmental conditions, including conditions where there is vibration, dust, moisture, or risk of water splash.

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The main features include:

  • 360° Absolute Position Measurement 
  • Suitable for harsh environments 
  • High Resolution (0.1°) and Accuracy (1%FS) 
  • IP67 rated Non-contact Technology with Long Life Cycle 
  • Analog output of 4-20mA, 0/5V or 0/10V

MeasureX offers non-contact rotary sensors at a favorable price while delivering high performance.MTM41 is a position sensor that is uniquely suited for these specific applications. The sensors are manufactured using a high volume manufacturing process to meet the demand for affordable, high-performance sensors. These sensors are also easy to install so that users can easily upgrade to a higher level of control with MTM41. As a result, non-contact rotary position sensors offer many benefits in addition to lowered cost. The available mechanical links, brackets, and arms can be easily modified to meet customers’ unique requirements.
MTP41-Compact Rotary Potentiometer

The MTP41 Compact Rotary Potentiometer from MeasureX is designed for demanding control and measurement application. With a 360° mechanical rotation angle, it delivers a measurement range of 90°, 180°, 345° angular positions. It has a standard accuracy of 0.5% FS with an optional accuracy of 0.1% FS.

The MTP41-Compact Rotary Potentiometer is useful for a variety of applications, including:

  • Position feedback in servo systems
  • Pendulum weighing machines
  • Cam and butterfly flap positions
  • Jockey roller controllers
  • Measuring the tension of threads and tape
  • Trigonometric measurement at joints

With an external converter, the MTP41 is capable of obtaining a 4-20mA output. Thanks to its high abrasion resistant and dust-proof design, which makes it ideal for long-term applications. It offers a long service life for applications that require a high number of rotations (5 x 106 cycles).

The MeasureX advantage

MeasureX has one of the industry’s most complete portfolios of sensors. MeasureX has the experience and the expertise to provide extremely reliable, highly accurate and cost competitive sensors for a wide range of applications.

All of these products are manufactured to meet international quality standards. To learn more about the MTM41 or MTP41, visit us online at or just send us an email to

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