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Sensors Improve Robots Efficiency

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  • December 8, 2017

Sensors Improve Robots Efficiency

Robots are becoming an integral part of factories transition to digitally smart environments. Digital factories make use of human-robot interactions to improve efficiency by having robots helping humans to easily perform difficult and time-consuming tasks.

However, the use of robots come with many challenges, especially with regards to manufacturing processes that have accuracy and efficiency. This automation challenge is increasing the need for sensor-equipped robots which can perform manufacturing tasks quickly while also ensuring that workers stay safe nearby.

The ability to control robot’s movements by using sensors – built in and attached to, the robot is a critical step in delivering the flexibility that is needed to accommodate variances in human activity. Sensors help to ensure that robots can detect the specific position of the manufactured object, which also triggers the robot’s response.

When designing this type of connection and detection systems for robotic devices, sensors provide opportunities to improve precision, as well as, reduce the amount of time for processing.

The major challenge in configuring robotic systems that are capable of performing every step without failing and within an environment that is harsh and fast-paced like the average modern factory. Given that these environments generally operate 24/7 and are filled with debris, oil and dust, the manufacturing system must be capable of delivering reliable and continuous connectivity while simultaneously needing very little maintenance over extended periods.

Sensors can provide a maintenance-free solution that is tolerant against contamination by dirt and liquids. In addition, sensors can also transfer energy and data over an air gap consisting of several millimetres. Essentially sensors help to reduce machine downtime that results from connectivity maintenance to zero.

Sensor technology is not only useful for current robotic technology, it could be eventually used as a way to expand the use of Internet of Things (IoT) applications in factory production. In order to do this, these machines must have the ability to handle large volumes of data. With sensor technology, manufacturers can help their factories to run more efficiently and reliably in nearly any production environment.

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