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Tips To Maintain Melt-Pressure Transducers

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  • November 20, 2017

Tips To Maintain Melt-Pressure Transducers

Melt-pressure transducers are widely used in extrusion processing to monitor pressure. Since pressure monitoring is an important quality control technique, pressure transducers are essential components and ensuring accuracy is of utmost importance. Moreover, since it is a precision measuring unit, pressure transducers require careful handling and maintenance for optimum performance. It is necessary to have a proper understanding of the installation methods and the limitations associated to attain reliable results.

Listed below are the key considerations that can enable you to maintain melt-pressure transducers.

Correct installation:

A melt-pressure device is built to withstand the harsh industrial conditions. However, during the process of installation, care must be taken to ensure that there is no damage to any part of the transducer. One of the most common causes of damage is improper mounting in a hole that is too small. In such instances, the diaphragm may be damaged and the sensor might fail to function efficiently.

Prevent damage to instrument’s thread:

If the mounting hole has an incorrect thread size, it may cause damage to the instrument’s thread. This can lead to melt leakage and pose as a hindrance in the accurate functioning of the sensor. It is necessary to ensure that the mounting hole is clean and of the right dimension.

Prevent the formation of plastic residues in the mounting holes:

In the process of cleaning an extruder, the transducers need to be removed to prevent any form of damage. However, there is the probability of plastic flowing into the holes and accumulating as residue. The presence of such residues can damage the sensor tip. To prevent this, it is necessary to clean the holes and remove any trace of plastic residues. However, at the same time care must be taken that the cleaning process does not deepen the hole.

Appropriate positioning:

The efficiency of the transducer is highly influenced by its positioning. Placing the transducer extremely upstream or too far in the barrel can hinder its proper functioning.

Proper cleaning methods:

Correct cleaning methods need to be employed to prevent any form of damage to the transducer. The transducers should be carefully removed before the cleaning process of the barrel is carried out. However, the transducer should be detached when the barrel is still hot and its tip thoroughly cleaned. A cleaning drill can be used to wipe the transducer hole.

Prevent transducers from remaining moist:

Melt-pressure transducers are created to bear the rough extrusion process yet the presence of water might hamper the performance of the sensor. This makes it necessary to check for leaks and ensure that the transducer is not exposed to moist conditions.

Right operating temperature:

Before the production begins, it is necessary to check that the extruder has the correct operating temperature. Cold starts can damage the extruder. In situations when the transducer is removed from an extruder that is cold, there might be damage caused to the diaphragm.

Avoid over-pressurizing the transducer:

Every transducer has a pressure range and even though a certain amount of overpressure can be sustained, it is best to avoid such instances. Choosing a melt-pressure transducer that is built to withstand high pressure and meets your requirement can enable you to make the best use of your pressure transducer.

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