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About MeasureX

About MeasureX

MeasureX is an engineering-driven, fast-growing sensor manufacturer for measuring pressure, level, force, load and displacement. With more than 20 years of industrial experience, MeasureX provides a wide range of sensors, transducers, signal conditioners for engineers and researchers working in diverse industrial sectors such as in sewage & wastewater treatment, food, automotive, medical and defence / aerospace.

At MeasureX, we put forward strong philosophy to solve customer needs for challenging testing and measurement applications. We assist them in sourcing, designing and developing high-quality measurement systems for their applications and we aim to provide that at a competitive price. Not only do we provide standard, off-the-shelf sensors, but we also design unique, customized systems to suit different customer requirements.

We understand the complex needs for sensors applications in challenging industrial environments, especially in niche sectors where low excitation, miniature or low signal output is required. Once our engineers identify a unique application, we proceed to new development to undertake product adaptations, manufacturing and testing of prototypes before final delivery. We also involve our customers during all aspects of testing and development to ensure a satisfactory outcome of the project. Our company believes in building long-lasting partnerships and collaborative working relationships with our customers as consultants and advisors, not just product suppliers.

Mission Statement

Continuous process improvement assists companies in identifying wasteful processes and streamlining manufacturing capability. Where specialized sensor knowledge is required, MeasureX aims to help you procure the most suitable sensors and measurement systems at competitive pricing. We pride ourselves on providing you with full technical support from our engineers and product specialists to ensure successful project completion. We stay abreast of the most current measurement technologies and identify the ideal solutions for our customers. We operate with high ethical standards that are shared by all our team members and business partners all over the world. 

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