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    Displacement Sensors

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    Displacement Sensor

    Get Reliable Measurement Displacement Sensors in Melbourne

    A displacement sensor is one of the most common types of position sensors used for measuring the exact travel range of an object based on its initial position and reference position. The sensors determine the height, width and thickness of an object based on the travel range. The displacement sensors are also used to detect changes in a structure.

    If you are looking for a suitable measuring device to measure these parameters, then you need a displacement sensor. The team at MeasureX can help you find the right measurement device according to your application. The type of environment and how much accuracy you want also affect the type of sensor you should choose. The displacement sensors are of two types- non-contact measurement and contact measurement.

    How It Works?

    The displacement sensor immediately detects the displacement in a physical quantity. It measures the object’s dimensions by calculating the object’s displacement. The sensor also measures the exact position of the object.

    What Are The Types Of Displacement Sensors?

    • A linear displacement sensor measures the exact movements along the axis.
    • A rotary sensor measures the turning movements in terms of output signals. You can use them to measure both clockwise or anti-clockwise movements.
    • Contacting sensor measures the displacement of the object and its components that come in contact with it.

    Where To Use It?

    A displacement sensor quickly measures the positional movement of an object in a linear fashion. In the automotive industry, sensors are used for guiding the steering systems, throttle control and suspension. From research to product testing, this sensor offers several benefits to the commercial industry.

    A displacement sensor is used for measuring the range of an object. They are used in security and medical applications. We offer displacement sensors in different shapes and sizes. Once the displacement sensor measures the object’s position and movements, you will get the results in physical quantities.

    Why Choose Us?

    At MeasureX, you can find a wide variety of displacement sensors and transducers. We specialise in offering custom and integrated measurement solutions. The sensor detects even the slightest displacement and converts it into a physical quantity such as distance. If you need a sensor for factory automation or to control your packaging processes, we can help. We offer transparent and accurate quotes listing the displacement sensor price.

    Our team’s objective is to deliver the correct sensors and measuring devices according to our client’s application. We have a large stock of quality sensors manufactured to the highest quality standards.

    Let our technical team assist you and help you choose the right sensor products. We utilise our in-depth knowledge and resources to develop advanced sensors. You can speak to our engineers and discuss your project requirements.

    Explore our extensive range of displacement sensors perfect to cater for an array of industries.

    Want to enquire about displacement sensor price? We are just a call away. Contact us on +61 (0) 3 9558 2420 and get customer support from our team.

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