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High Precision OEM Sensors Solutions for Industrial Pressure and Force Measurement

MeasureX supplies high-accuracy and reliable industrial sensors to measure pressure, force, load, displacement, strain, angle and tilt. Backed by decades of knowledge and experience, we provide you with cost-efficient, modern, technologically-driven industrial sensor solutions to cater to your test and measurement requirements.


Our sensors are used in almost all industrial testing applications; from automating and process monitoring to developing sophisticated, state-of-the-art measurement systems and R&D. We have established a strong presence with a diverse industrial client base locally and internationally. Our focus is to assist you in finding the ideal, tailored sensor solutions for your measurement needs.


MeasureX sensors solutions have been used for measurement systems in the mining, process automation, agriculture, defence, research, sewage and wastewater treatment applications. We can customize construction materials to offer reliable and durable sensors for measurement in challenging and harsh environments.

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