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    New-Age Liquid Pressure Sensor Measuring Systems

    MeasureX supplies high-accuracy and reliable submersible pressure transducers for a range of industrial applications such as wastewater treatment or liquid level measurement. Backed by decades of rich expertise, we provide you with the latest technologically-driven solutions for all your testing needs.

    Our Submersible Pressure Transducers are available in a wide measuring range and variety of signal outputs to suit your requirement. The sensors housing is constructed of stainless-steel with a vented tube cable which provides high durability for challenging environment. The submersible pressure transducer accurately monitors and measures the liquid levels underwater and are also available with low current consumption.

    Right from the utility sector to the mining industry and from aerospace to automation industries, we provide sensors across industry. Our long presence in the industry resonates with the extensive range of sensors for our diverse international clientele. We focus on your specific industrial requirements and provide customized, tailored solutions that meet your needs.

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