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    Differential Sensors

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    MRD21 Differential Piezo-Resistive Pressure Transmitter
    MRD26 Piezo-Resistive Silicon Differential Pressure Transmitter
    MRD25 Piezo-Resistive Silicon Differential Pressure Transducer
    MRD23 OEM Differential Pressure Sensor
    MRD22 Differential Pressure Transducer

    Differential Air Pressure Sensor

    In some industrial applications, it is necessary to know the exact difference between the two points that are being monitored. What you need here is a differential pressure sensor. This sensor can be installed to monitor the filters and components. The pressure sensor effectively measures the air pressure difference between the dual ports. It has a range of 500 Pa to 500 Pa. The reading shows whether or not there is a need to replace the filter or components.

    The differential air pressure sensor is widely used in assessing the performance of HVAC systems. With regular monitoring of the air pressure, you can keep the air filters clean and ensure their longevity.

    At MeasureX, we supply high-quality and durable differential pressure sensors. Designed with the best capacitive sensing technology, we have all types of pressure sensors for measuring both liquid and gas. We have the products for all your HVAC applications. The differential pressure sensor calculates the differential pressure based on the intrinsic flow measurement.

    Get flexible and customised measurements solutions only at MeasureX.

    Differential Pressure Transducer

    There are multiple applications offered by a differential pressure transducer. Whether it is measuring differential atmospheric pressure or measuring positive and negative pressures, our transducer is designed for all such purposes. It gives an exact comparative measurement.

    Our range of differential pressure sensors and transducers are fast, reliable and perfect for long-term use. With the highest accuracy, this compact transducer can match up with a wide range of HVAC applications.

    The transducers can also be used for laboratory data acquisition processes. If you want to measure the inlet and outlet of a pressure system or want to measure the instant pressure drops or fluid height, the differential pressure transducer is ideal for such applications. You can make changes to the device and set a configurable range according to your usage requirements.

    Differential Pressure Transmitter

    Differential pressure is the total difference in pressure value and reference pressure. The differential pressure transmitter works by determining the average flow rate.

    While choosing a suitable transmitter device, you need to consider certain measurement parameters such as:

    • Measuring ranges
    • Analogue output required
    • Type of units for calculating the parameters
    • Type of connectivity

    The differential pressure transmitter measures the pressure difference in a short span of time. If you need to measure the absolute pressure, this device can fulfil all your needs. The transmitter can measure the differential pressure in the range of 100 Pa to 2 bar. What makes this device reliable is the presence of a magnetic valve that has accuracy and stability.

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