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    Technical Tips

    MeasureX products are used in a variety of applications in many industries. The application notes below provide more detail on specific potential applications of our sensors. For any further technical information please send an email to

    Definitions, Technical Terms and Glossary

    You can access a PDF version of our glossary.

    Sensor Selection Tips

    Check out our guides for each application type:

    • Application Guides for PRESSURE: How to select a proper pressure sensor (updated 18 Sep 2012)
    • Application Guide for DISPLACEMENT: How to select a proper displacement sensor(updated 6 Sep 2012)
    Unit Converter

    We’ll be uploading a unit converter soon.

    MeasureX sensor selection guide

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    How to select pressure sensors?

    Pressure Sensors are designed to monitor the changes in pressure for liquid and gas applications. Pressure measurement is found in many different applications in various industries. Accordingly, there are many types of pressure sensors, which makes the selection process complicated so you might find the following selection tips useful. Please bear in mind that there are a lot of variables to consider, but here the most critical elements are highlighted. Please look at our glossary if you are not familiar with any of the sensor terms.

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    How to select load cells?

    • Do select the right load cell for the application in terms of type and environmental compatibility.
    • Do choose the right capacity.
    • Do consider the required accuracy class.
    • Do design-in adequate over/under load protection as well as protection from other mechanical damage (e.g. physical abuse, rodent problems).
    • Don’t make the choice based only on price – cost of ownership is more important.
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    How to select displacement sensors

    There are many technologies to measure distance, position, displacement, thickness and other kinds of movements. There is a lot of choice for sensors so here are some guidelines to help you find your solution.

    First thing you need to decide is the measuring range. Here are the different technologies you can consider based on the measuring range.

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    What is IP rating?

    IP (Ingress Protection) Rating is a two-digit number that indicates protection level of electronic equipment. IP rating aims to provide users more detailed information than unclear marketing terms such as hermitically sealed or waterproof.

    As defined in international standard IEC 60529 (specified in Australian Standards AS60529 and EN60529), IP Code classifies and rates the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects, dust, accidental contact, and water in electronic equipment or mechanical casings with electrical enclosures.

    The two digits (characteristic numerals) of IP rating code indicate conformity with the conditions summarized in the tables below. Where there is no protection rating with regard to one of the criteria, the digit is replaced with the letter X.

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    Technical Terms And Glossary

    2 wire output

    Type of electrical connection for a measuring element or transmitter that provides power supply and output 4-20mA signals to the data logger or control system at the same time with a pair of wires.

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