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    Industries Served

    Our sensor solutions help our customers worldwide in varied industries with some of their challenging applications.

    • Water & Waste water
    • Automation & Robotics
    • Food & Beverage
    • Medical & Pharmaceutical
    • Research & Testing
    • Defence & Aerospace
    • Energy and power
    • Oil and Gas
    • Mining Industries
    • Chemical & Process
    • Automotive, Rail and Transportation
    • Construction Industry
    • Marine Industry
    • Environmental Industries
    • Metal
    • Manufacturing

    There is an extensive range of sensor solutions available for various industries. We can provide any force, displacement or pressure transducer in the automotive industry for example for backhoes, tractors, snowmobiles, dump trucks or most sport and off- highway vehicles. There are sensors for Engine monitoring, transmission sensing, stability sensing, operation control, fuel level sensing, etc.

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