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    MDL44 Ultrahigh Precision Spring Loaded LVDT Displacement Sensor
    MDL42 Spring Loaded DC LVDT Displacement Sensor
    MDL41 Core Separated DC LVDT Displacement Sensor

    Linear Displacement Sensor For High Precision

    While working in harsh dynamic climatic conditions, you require displacement sensors that work with high precision. This is exactly where our range of premium quality displacement sensors can help you. The robust construction of the LVDT transducers assures better performance. They also feature automation systems and tolerance control systems. Some of them also have extension rods with flexible length and thread size to accommodate all your needs. From linear variable differential transducers to pneumatic driven systems, you can turn to us for every kind of displacement sensor.

    The linear displacement sensor converts convert mechanical motions into variable electrical signals. It will help you measure both relative current and measuring resonant frequencies. It features a tubular armature called the core. It gets mechanically coupled to the object you want to measure. Non-conductive mounting blocks are also optionally available to make installation quick and easy. Featuring multiple displacement ranges, these do not need any additional signal conditioners. For top quality applications, we also provide wireless and digital outputs. The LVDT transducers are ideal for extremely demanding industrial applications that have long term usage. Therefore, if you need sensors for accurate industrial applications, then we have got you covered. Our products are known for their quality and resilience.

    Looking for an LVDT displacement sensor? Explore a variety of durable and water-resistant displacement sensors designed to work perfectly well in adverse environments.

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