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Design and Manufacture of Custom-made Systems is our main capability, distinguish MeasureX from the others.


MeasureX offers state-of-the-art sensors solutions for the design of industrial testing systems for the measurement of pressure, force, displacement, angle and tilt. We understand that every measurement application is unique and that no system can fit all industrial requirements. We continually develop our engineering capability to satisfy all customers’ applications with our sophisticated custom manufacturing capability, especially for the high-volume manufacturing and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) applications. We can design any product beyond the specification on the standard datasheet, driven by our customer demand.


At MeasureX, we ensure every customer can identify and source the most suitable and cost-efficient sensor solutions for their applications. We provide products from standard, off-the-shelf sensor solutions to customized products such as low-excitation sensors, sensors with low output signals, and many more. We offer full technical support to assist you through the whole process from design, testing, manufacturing and after-sales support.

If you have any testing and measurement challenges in your project, contact us to connect with one of our engineers. You can call us at +(61)3 9558 2420 or email us at with the details of your requirement.

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