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    Submersible Level Transmitters

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    MRL25 Submersible Level Transmitter with 3 to 5VDC Input and 2.5VDC Output
    MRL22 Submersible Level Transducer
    MRL23 Submersible Level Transmitter for Sewage Applications and Corrosive Environment
    MRL24 Submersible Level Transmitter with Integrated Temperature Sensor
    MRL28 Submersible Digital Level Transmitter
    MRL21 Submersible Level Transmitter

    Water Level Sensor

    Water Level Sensors for crucial measurement requirements

    With the ever changing technological needs, it has become essential for the existing devices to head towards an upgradation. Gone are the days where one had to manually measure the levels of fluid, as the submersible level sensor now serves as the most compatible device for all your water level sensor needs. The advanced water level transmitter helps you gauge the depth of the fluid in the most efficient manner with wide range of features to meet wide range of applications.

    Accurate and reliable water level sensor solutions

    A water tank sensor is a handy device that is designed to help you gauge water levels and maintain ethical standards or avoid wastage due to overflowing. It also helps you control the water level in pipelines, power stations and water management systems. The submersible level sensor, with its varied features has outdone the other level transmitters when it comes to performance standards.

    The tank level sensor transmits signals which help you analyse the precise water levels. The level transmitter is extremely safe to use as it is equipped with a wire for high protection level, which also facilitates sensor measurement for long distances. The stainless steel, titanium, ceramic and Hastelloy covering add on to the durability of the device and also makes it feasible to function in corrosive media.

    All in 1 fluid level transmitter

    The water level sensor is highly compatible with liquids and hence serves the best for both research and industrial use. One need not worry about the water levels shooting high as the water level indicator flashes the right signals intimating you an alert.

    Apart from water levels the Fuel tank level sensor also helps you measure and control the levels of fuel with low maintenance. The varied range also includes sewage level sensors for particularly measuring and maintaining sewage levels.

    Water Level Pressure Transducer

    The water level pressure transducer is ideal for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. It measures the inlet and outlet or system pressure, drops in pressure and fluid heights. It can be used to measure the water pressure of the tank once it is placed near the bottom of the tank.

    Apart from helping you buy ready to use water level transmitters, we also take extra care and concern in designing customised devices as per your need. Just drop us an email at to experience our steadfast sales and after sales services.

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