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    Pressure Transducers

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    MRP21 Corrosion Resistant Ceramic Diaphragm Pressure Transducer
    MRI21 High Frequency Pressure Transducer
    MRG23 Flush Diaphragm Strain Gauge Pressure Transducer
    MRO21 MEMS-based Pressure Transducer for Harsh Environments
    MRL22 Submersible Level Transducer
    MRT22 High Pressure Strain Gauge Transducer
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    Pressure Transducer Sensor – Reliable technology for the fast growing century

    Do you need real-time sensor data? A pressure transducer can help.In a world that revolves around technology, it is essential to find a way to monitor physical parameters with high accuracy and improve the performance of systems, involved in day-to-day operations. A pressure transducer sensor is typically used for measuring air pressure or liquid pressure. It gives an indication in case there is a rise or drop in the pressure levels beyond the specified limit. Pressure measurement and monitoring change of pressure in industrial and domestic systems are of the most important part of any hi-tech system. Pressure measurement is substantial part of advanced systems, from simple blood pressure measurement at home or sophisticated water / waste water supply network in metropolitans or giant industrial plants. Pressure transducer converts pressure into an electrical signal. Output signal from pressure transducers is recordable in any monitoring systems or electronic data logging systems.

    Monitor Process Flows with Pressure Transducer

    MeasureX offers pressure transducers in Australia are well designed to cover a pressure range of vacuum up to 5000bar, which is capable of monitoring extreme pressure ranges in high-pressure systems and machineries. The pressure transducer with its accuracy of up to 0.1% FS, monitors a high-pressure range, playing a vital role in high-pressure hydraulic systems, especially when high precision is required. It is not just important to have a device that performs well in a favorable atmosphere. The matter is how compatible the device is in harsh and rough environments. MeasureX compact and rugged strain gauge pressure transducers with high measuring accuracy, enables customers to execute them in rocky and uneven conditions with high efficiency for a long time high performance.

    Being engineering experts of sensor development, we have designed MRO, MRT and MRG series of Piezoresistive and strain gauge pressure transducer, suitable for harsh environments. It has the features and capabilities of showcasing quality driven performance in the fields of mining, Hydraulics, oil and gas as well as other industrial sectors. The robust device with its stainless steel compatibility feature also makes it apt for measuring pressure for gas and liquids.

    A perfect choice for OEM applications and measurement networks

    MeasureX pressure transducers are excellent for OEM applications and measuring networks, where quality and price are both important. We offer a wide range of pressure transducers with flexible specifications to be integrated and embedded in monitoring system and OEM applications.

    We assure you a technology and design that serves your requirements the best and hence help you find the byproducts of the same kind. We specialise in customising pressure transducers in Australia the way you need it. Apart from designing your customised product, we also support you to implement our products in your OEM application.

    We help you to find the right choice of sensor management and control for which we wish to offer you the best of what technology has to offer. If you have any question or inquiry for our pressure transducer just drop us an email at


    To check the performance of a pressure transducer in Australia, you can follow these steps: 

    • Ensure proper power supply to the transducer. 
    • Connect a pressure source, such as a pressure calibrator, to the transducer. 
    • Apply known pressures and compare the output readings to the expected values. 
    • Check for any signs of damage, leakage, or corrosion on the transducer and its connections. 
    • Verify the calibration date and ensure it is within the recommended period. 

    A pressure transducer operates based on the principle of pressure-induced mechanical deformation. When pressure is applied to the sensing element of the transducer, it undergoes physical changes, such as strain or deflection. This deformation is converted into an electrical signal using various sensing technologies, including strain gauges, piezoresistive elements, or capacitive sensors. The electrical signal is then amplified, conditioned, and outputted as a voltage, current, or digital value that represents the measured pressure. 

    The primary function of a pressure transducer is to accurately measure and monitor pressure levels in a wide range of applications. In Australia, pressure transducers are crucial in industrial processes, HVAC systems, hydraulic systems, and medical devices. They provide real-time pressure data that enables operators to ensure system efficiency, detect abnormalities, prevent equipment damage, and maintain safe operating conditions. Pressure transducers contribute to process optimisation, quality control, and overall safety in various industries across Australia. 

    To use a pressure transducer effectively in Australia, consider the following steps: 

    • Select a pressure transducer suitable for your application, considering factors like pressure range, accuracy, and compatibility. 
    • Properly install the transducer, ensuring correct connection and sealing to prevent leaks. 
    • Apply the pressure source to the transducer directly or through appropriate plumbing. 
    • Connect the transducer's electrical output to a compatible measuring instrument or control system. 
    • Calibrate the transducer periodically to maintain accuracy and account for any drift or environmental changes. 
    • Regularly inspect and maintain the transducer to ensure proper functioning and prevent any issues affecting measurements. 
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