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    Miniature - Low Range

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    MLW64 Miniature Compression Load Cell
    MLC66 Miniature Column Type Load Cell
    MLA66 Low Range Single Point Load Cell
    MLT62 Tension and Compression Force Sensor
    MLT66 Ultra-Miniature Centre Thread Load Cell
    MLT61 Miniature Compression and Tension Force Sensor
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    Miniature Load Cells With High-Capacity Loads

    Miniature load cell is exclusively designed for applications with minimal space but involves high capacity loads. Available in all stainless-steel, makes our products assure higher performance as well as better linearity and stability. At MeasureX, we offer top quality load cells that assure utmost quality. Our miniature load cells are ideal for applications where there are space constraints. As they come in different types, they are suitable for a wide range of applications. If you cannot find the miniature load cell that does not precisely fit your applications in our range, then we can offer custom solutions as well.

    The mini load cells made from superior quality stainless-steel are compact and welded. If you are looking for a specific sensor, then our engineers can develop a custom load cell suitable for your intended applications.

    Our team of skilled engineers will closely work with you and design the right size of miniature load cell and sub-miniature load cells for you. The design process we follow is completely managed and help us come up with the best possible solution that precisely fits your needs. We have a wide variety of load and weight sensors to suit specific needs of our customers across the globe. Our product family has multiple types of load cells including miniature load cells, which are ideal for applications where space is the limiting factor.

    Get Durable Mini Load Cells

    At MeasureX, we strongly believe in supplying all our customers with high quality products at extremely reasonable rates. Whether you want standard pressure sensors and load cells, complete solutions or custom designs that are specific to your plants, we can help you with everything. Our proficiency and experience in the field of sensor technology have made us one of the most sought-after choice for a majority of businesses worldwide.

    The miniature load cell is a combination of many materials including alloy, stainless steel and aluminium. It works perfectly fine in almost all types of environments and has a high-capacity range

    We undertake product adaptations on request and manufacture custom assemblies. Besides, we also back you up with our warm and comprehensive after sales services. This has helped us gain a lengthy list of happy clients. Our rigorous quality control has detailed quality management systems and all our mini load cells successfully pass the quality standards.

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