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    Displacement, Force (load) and Pressure measurement systems are of the most executed systems in industrial and even non-industrial systems. Every day, new products are available in the market, using these sensors.

    For various applications there is an extensive range of sensor solutions available from MeasureX, based on different technologies and capabilities. In MeasureX, we can provide any pressure, force or displacement transducer to meet customer’s requirement and application’s compatibility.

    In the automotive industry for example for backhoes, tractors, snowmobiles, dump trucks or most sport and off- highway vehicles. There are sensors for Engine monitoring, transmission sensing, stability sensing, operation control, fuel level sensing, etc.

    In water and waste water plants, our pressure sensors are widely used for water tank level monitoring, water pressure control in pipes, waste water and sewage tanks. MeasureX provides OEM solutions for water treatment plants and utility companies to manage water network system, corrosive waste water monitoring and irrigation systems optimization; with highest level of durability.

    We supply supper accurate displacement systems for Automation and Robotic application and custom designed miniature load cells for the vast majority of automation application.

    Many research institutes and universities in Australia and across the globe are using our high accurate pressure sensors when high repeatability, high frequency, high temperature, small size, corrosive resistance and design flexibility are an issue for researchers. We are proud of providing miniature load cells and ultra accurate displacement sensors for research applications. We are prepared to support universities for future challenges.

    Energy and Power, Oil and Gas, Mining, Chemical and Process, Rail and Transportation, Construction, Nuclear, Marine and Metal are our main customers, who are getting advantage of thinking beyond reliability and use MeasureX products in the heart of their control and monitoring systems.

    If you have any OEM application or need any customised system, out technical team is ready to support you and your end users with Australian grade product and service quality.

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