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Major companies implement regular continuous process improvement to maximize productivity and efficiency while minimizing waste. Engineers make modifications to automate the existing process or assess the current approach to identify whether they can implement a more efficient method. They have worked with a wide range of advanced industrial sensors to design automated measurement and test systems to complement their approach.

Sensors are used to take measurements of the physical or chemical changes occurring on an object. The data identify the current health of the equipment/process, quality of the products and many more. The measurement of physical parameters such as displacement, position, thickness, force, load and pressure are among the most commonly encountered applications in the manufacturing industry. Our high precision sensors and transducers have been used in industry such as sewage and wastewater treatment, defence, aerospace, robotic and many more. We can provide engineering capability to custom-design any sensors to meet different requirements.

In water, sewage and wastewater treatment plants, our pressure sensors are used for level monitoring on water and sewage treatment tank, water pressure control in pipes, controlling irrigation and pump control system. Our OEM pressure transducers provide flexibility for OEM manufacturers and asset manager to design smart monitoring system for their treatment plants and manage water network system. These sensors are also compatible for measurement on corrosive media with the option of diaphragm materials from SS316L, Hastelloy, Ceramic and Tantalum.

Due to its outstanding measurement resolutions, our sensors have been widely used for research and testing applications in university and research organization worldwide. We have supplied high accuracy pressure sensors and ultra-miniature load cells for development of test benches and prototype products in academic research laboratory. The sensors can be re-engineered to include miniature electronics for low signal output or resilient materials for harsh applications. We can accommodate the unique requirements for each of these research applications with our engineering capability.

Our displacement sensors, LVDTs and miniature force sensors have also been widely used for industrial automation and robotic applications. They are also widely used in automotive manufacturing and testing for monitoring of engine performance, transmission, control and many more. The applications of our products have extended to testing applications in energy, oil and gas, mining, process, rail, construction, nuclear, marine, metals manufacturing, and we are continuing to expand our capability to other industries.

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