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    Pressure Transmitters

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    MRQ25 Pressure & Media Temperature Transmitter
    MRD21 Differential Piezo-Resistive Pressure Transmitter
    MRS22 Strain Gauge Pressure Transmitter High Pressure
    MRB20 General Purpose Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitter
    MRB21 Low Power Pressure Transmitter with 3 to 20 VDC Supply Voltage
    MRC21 Ceramic Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter
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    Oil Pressure Transmitter

    Pressure transmitters for crucial measurement requirements

    Over the past few years we have seen small devices turn into big machines, minute testing systems turn into big software’s and small scale development operations into large scale productions. With emerging ideas and implementations, there has been an increasing need to develop appropriate measurement devices such as pressure transmitter to analyse and measure the physical parameters to sustain performance of industrial plants. To support this need, we have evolved ourselves in the field of precision engineering to develop measurement devices like pressure transmitters, which are of “A” grade quality.

    A waterproof pressure transducer is widely used in the petroleum and refrigeration industries. It is placed at the bottom of the vessel and calculates the height of the liquid. The transmitter made of stainless steel, titanium, tantalum or ceramic diaphragm categorizes as a top-rated product that fits your performance and pricing requirement. MeasureX pressure transmitters are made of well-fitted parts with high accuracy and deliver high volumes. In the category of advanced transmitters developed by MeasureX, there are various devices, which are executed internationally across various domains of functionalities.

    Use Robust Oil Pressure Transmitter For Diagnostic Purposes

    An oil pressure transmitter effectively senses the increase/decrease in engine’s oil pressure and transmits it further to machine controller.

    The MRB20 and MRB21 series with SS316L diaphragm, made of a rugged silicon technology, are designed to perform and long lasting in harsh environments. The series are general-purpose pressure transmitters, delivering high-performance with high frequency response. The robust construction of these transmitters enable them to accelerate the measurement process in the areas of agriculture, air conditioning, data logging, production machinery and much more. The waterproof pressure transmitters (IP68 rated) contribute to the wastewater treatment plants by monitoring the collection of water and controlling the pressure of wastewater. The wide range of water proof transmitters is tailor-made for diversified applications in the water industry. MeasureX also provides a wide range of waterproof pressure transducers to withhold extreme water pressure.

    Apart from water industry, the oil pressure transmitters also serve the process industry. The heavy-duty oil pressure transmitter has excellent vibration stability, custom-designed for diversified applications in the hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

    We manufacture ready to use oil pressure transmitters and waterproof pressure transducers, as well as the kinds you would want to modify as per your requirement. Both the standard ready to use and customized pressure transmitters follow a fast – delivery principle. Contact us to get suitable pressure transmitters for efficient pressure measurement purposes.

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