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    OEM Sensing Elements

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    MRA23 OEM Strain Gauge Pressure Sensor
    MRA24 OEM Strain Gauge High Pressure Sensor
    MRA25 OEM Strain Gauge Flush Diaphragm Pressure Sensor
    MRA26 OEM Strain Gauge Flush Diaphragm High Pressure Sensor
    MRA21 OEM Piezo-Resistive Pressure Sensor
    MRA22 OEM Flush Diaphragm Piezo-resistive Pressure Sensor
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    OEM Pressure Sensor

    Energy-Saving OEM Pressure Sensor for Automotive Applications
    An OEM sensor is an essential component that ensures the safety of a vehicle on the go. Modern automobiles require sensors to identify any signs of fuel leakage. A vehicle equipped with quality sensors makes it safer and more compatible for the driver.

    As road conditions can be extreme, the OEM pressure sensor needs to be resilient to high temperature and vibrations. They are cost-effective and can be attached directly to the vehicle’s fuel tank. The main role of temperature and pressure sensors is to detect and diagnose any potential problem with the vehicle’s fuel tank.

    At MeasureX, you will find a range of compact and economical OEM sensors suitable for various automotive applications. We specialise in designing and manufacturing reliable OEM pressure sensors and transmitters suitable for long-term use. If you have a specific application, we can tailor the sensor’s design to meet all your application needs. We offer customised measuring solutions based on the technical specifications provided to us by our clients.

    You can choose a suitable OEM pressure sensor according to the pressure ranges and type of interface. We offer sensors with both analogue and digital interfaces. When it comes to selecting high-quality pressure and temperature measurement products, you can count on the innovative solutions of MeasureX.

    We are sure our OEM sensor will meet even the most demanding requirements of your industrial applications. Give us a call today and receive an instant product quote. Our technicians combine their expertise and advanced methodologies to design and create OEM pressure sensors that can be easily integrated into your vehicle. The OEM sensors offer accurate measuring values regardless of the external pressure and temperature conditions.

    OEM Pressure Transducer

    The OEM pressure transducer is constructed to measure a wider pressure range in vehicles. With a stainless-steel construction; the transducer is resilient to corrosion. The device has excellent current and voltage protection. The sensors can be adapted to meet your specific work requirements. We ensure that all our products last for a long time, they are designed in line with the approved quality management standards.

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    The OEM pressure transducer is not just limited to fuel applications. It is also used for diagnostic testing and measuring the exact pressures under adverse environmental conditions. The transducer also works with fluids such as gasoline and ethanol.

    We have different types of highly precise pressure transducers that can be used for an array of industrial applications as well. The STS piezoresistive sensor technology enables the transducer to generate accurate data. The ideal operating temperature ranges from -40 to 300°F.

    MeasureX has reliable solutions for all your needs. If you have a specific need for OEM pressure sensors, then don’t wait. Consult with us today and find customised products online.

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