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    Measurement Range (mm)8, 2.5, 5, Any other non-standard range
    Accuracy (combined LRH)0.1% FS, 0.25% FS
    Output Signal4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC
    Protection LevelNo
    Operating Temp. Range-10 to +80°C
    Temp. Coefficient of Span0.025% FS /°C
    Temp. Coefficient of Zero0.01% FS/°C
    Electric Connection1m cable, Others , Check product data sheet

    Repeatability of better than 1µm
    Miniature Size (8mm Diameter)
    Option for AC or DC output
    High quality external signal conditioner
    Measurement range of up to 8mm

    Power turbines and Nuclear reactors
    Ultrahigh Precision displacement gauging
    Aerospace, automotive and rail
    Robotic Gauging
    Flatness, roundness, cylindricity, concentricity and runout measurement
    Gas assembly line inspection

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