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    Compensated Temp. RangeNo
    Accuracy (combined LRH)0.1% FS
    Rotational life5.0 x 10^6
    Output SignalPotentiometric (Nearly same as input voltage)
    Protection LevelNo
    Operating Temp. Range-60 to +100°C
    Temp. Coefficient of SpanNo
    Temp. Coefficient of ZeroNo
    Electric Connection1m cable

    High Accuracy of up to 0.1%
    90°, 180°, 345° angular position sensor with 360° rotation angle
    Extreme Life Time of 5 x 106 Cycles
    High quality conductive plastic track with multi-finger Metal Wiper
    Low Noise Potentiometric output

    Position feedback in servo systems
    Pendulum weighing machines
    Cam and butterfly flap positions
    Jockey roller controllers
    measuring the tension of threads and tape
    Trigonometric measurement at joints

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