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Sensor Selection Guide

Technology automation has advanced dramatically in the last decade, resulting in a large spectrum of advanced sensing technology to support industrial testing and R&D. Selecting an appropriate sensor from this massive range of products is challenging. This is where sensor experts from MeasureX can assist to ensure that you have products that match your exact needs. 

Selecting an ideal sensor starts with identifying an application, whether they require measurement of pressure, level, force or displacement. Pressure sensors are used to monitor operating pressures and level of the tank. Similarly, Potentiometers and LVDT displacement sensors can be utilized for displacement measurements. Load cells are used for industrial weighing, material testing, or force measurement applications. Once the intended application is known, several questions are to be answered to select the correct sensor.  

When selecting pressure sensors, the main criteria to look for are the required pressure range, operating media, and pressure reference. This information will help you to decide the diaphragm material and whether an absolute pressure sensor, gauge pressure sensor or differential pressure sensor is required. Then, you need to consider the connection port and preferred output signals from the sensors.  

For detailed information on selecting a pressure sensor, please click here.

For displacement sensors, you should be looking at the required measurement range and understand how to mount the sensors. Understanding this will decide whether the measurement can be done with contact sensors such as LVDT and potentiometer or non-contact sensors. Read here for more details on how to choose the ideal displacement sensor.

Similarly, identifying the suitable load cells depends on the required range and its intended applications, whether for material testing, weighing or research. You can read this article for the instructions to select the ideal load cells.

If you face challenges in your applications, it is always best to seek assistance from our engineers. Please contact us at with the details on your applications and one of our specialists will be directly in touch.   




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