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    Force Sensor

    Technology advancement has led to the development of modern sensors which are highly durable and provide results with accuracy. They are comparatively smaller in size and works despite the constant changes in the pressures and temperature units. For customised measurement solutions, nothing beats the supreme quality services of MeasureX. We are listed among the leading suppliers of transducers and sensors manufactured for industry use. If you are not sure which force sensor will work for you, speak to our experts. Discuss your project requirements and we will deliver compatible solutions to you.

    Force sensors are widely used in the manufacturing and transportation industry. They are perfect for monitoring loads on vehicles and machines as the sensors translate applied mechanical force into output signals effortlessly. This reduces the time in determining the correct weight.

    What Is A Force Sensor?

    A force sensor is the result of strain gauge technology. It works by converting an input mechanical weight or pressure into an electrical output signal. There are various types of sensors available in different sizes and capacities.

    If you are looking for a force sensor to convert a load unit into another variable, this sensor generates a signal based on the force exerted on it. The generated signal increased if there is an increase in the force exerted on the sensor. You will find sensors in different sizes online.


    A force sensor responds to the force applied to it by converting its value into a specific and readable quantity. You can measure the value and use it to perform the tasks in order.

    Force sensors can provide you with accurate measurement results no matter the nature of your intended application. It is commonly used as a counting scale. The sensor ensures the vehicle lift the maximum capacity of loads. The sensors also offer several medical applications.

    Force Transducer

    A force transducer is a form of a load cell designed for OEM applications. As the name suggests, this sensor is a type of transducer that is used when the user needs to convert mechanical force into an accurate physical variable. To measure the exact load, tension or compression, you can switch to a force transducer.

    Being an important measurement device in the automation and aerospace industry, you’ll know that you are getting a reliable product when you choose MeasureX.

    The force transducers offer many advantages to the users. It is small in size which makes it compatible with portable electronic devices. It is a cost-effective measurement alternative with high shock resistance. As the force transducer only needs a small interface to work it can function very well in moderately adverse hostile environments.

    Give us a call on +61(0) 3 9558 2420 today and let us know your project requirements. Our experts will assess your request and will help you choose the best measurement devices. We offer quick delivery and free quotes on all our products.


    A force sensor, also known as a force transducer, is a device designed to detect and measure mechanical forces. It converts these forces into electrical signals that can be processed and analysed. Force sensors are used in various applications, including load testing, material testing, force feedback in robotics, and ergonomic assessments. 

    Force sensors work based on different principles. Strain gauge force sensors utilise strain gauges that change their resistance when subjected to a force. Piezoelectric force sensors generate an electrical charge when a mechanical force is applied to the crystal structure. Capacitive force transducer measure changes in capacitance when a force deforms the sensing element. All of these concepts transform the applied force into a measurable and understandable electrical signal. 

    There are various types of force sensors available: 

    • Load cells: Measure forces in one direction and are commonly used in weighing scales and industrial applications. 
    • Multi-axis force sensors: Measure forces in multiple directions simultaneously, suitable for triaxial force measurement applications. 
    • Compression force sensors: Measure compressive forces, often used in material testing and quality control applications. 
    • Tension force sensors: Measure tensile forces, typically utilised in applications like cable tension monitoring and lifting equipment. 

    When choosing a force sensor for your application in Australia, consider the following factors: 

    • Force range: Select a sensor with a range that covers the expected forces in your application. 
    • Accuracy: Evaluate the sensor's accuracy specifications and choose one that meets your measurement requirements. 
    • Environmental considerations: Consider factors such as temperature range, humidity, and any exposure to corrosive substances. 
    • Mounting and installation: Determine if the sensor can be easily mounted and integrated into your setup. 
    • Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with your data acquisition system or instrumentation. 
    • Budget: Consider the cost-effectiveness of the sensor while ensuring it meets your performance requirements. 

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