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    Rotary Angle Sensor

    When it comes to finding the perfect position sensor, you can’t go wrong. A rotary angle sensor is an essential device you need to get accurate and precise angle measurements. The sensors work by transforming mechanical rotary positions into electric signals. They detect changes in the angle as well as the direction of the rotation. If you want to use different engagement mechanisms, you can make the necessary adjustments in the sensors using the customised shaft.

    At MeasureX, we carry hundreds of measurement products and equipment for commercial and industrial use. We offer a wide range of engineering machinery solutions and help our customers find the right products and supplies they need to get their work done.

    We supply durable and tested measure components and assemblies. We as a group of professionals combine our experience and technology to develop hi-tech sensor designs for our customers. As a result of which we are able to deliver customised measurement solutions for a wide range of industrial applications that demands accuracy and precision.

    What are the applications of a rotary angle sensor?

    A rotary angle sensor is designed for multiple applications where one needs to control variables such as speed and volume. The sensor accurately translates mechanical position to electrical signals with just a few minor adjustments.

    The rotary angle sensor can be used as testing measurement equipment for getting accurate readings. The calibrated outputs can be customised according to your testing requirements.

    If you require a sensor to generate analogue output values, then this sensor is what you need. It comes with a potentiometer and has a compatible interface. We have an extensive range of rotary angle and position sensors that are not only functional but are also cost-effective.

    Rotary Position Sensor

    A rotary position sensor is a measuring device that tracks and measures the displacement in a rotary manner. The rotary sensors can measure rotational angles in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions based on how you want to use them. We have a selection of rotary position sensors with an angular range of 300 degrees. From testing camera angles to industrial and motorsport applications, a rotary position sensor has many applications. The best thing about this particular sensor is that it traces the movement along the axis and creates a signal depending on the principle of operation.

    If you need a custom-built sensor, you can place your order on MeasureX. Our experts will be happy to help you find a suitable measurement solution.

    You can fill out our contact form on our website or give us a call on +61(0) 3 9558 2420 today.

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