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Standard Measurement Range3kg, 4kg, 8kg, 30kg, 50kg, 60kg, 100kg
Output Signal0.5 mV/V, 1mV/V, 1.5mV/V
Accuracy (combined LRH)1% FS
Creep±0.5% FS / 30m
Overload Rating150% FS
Zero unbalance±2% FS
Protection LevelNo
Compensated Temp. Range-10 to 60°C
Operating Temp. Range-20 to +80°C
Temp. Coefficient of Zero0.1% FS /10°C
Temp. Coefficient of Span0.1% FS /10°C
Input Resistance350±5Ω
Output Resistance350±3Ω
Insulation resistance≥5000MΩ @ 50VDC
Electric Connection3m cable

Ultra-miniature size (8mm diameter)
Wide Load Measurement Range of 0-3kg up to 0-100kg
Button model with side fix installation

Force monitoring in pressing systems
Preload force monitoring in screws
Miniature weighing systems
Keyboard and switch performance testing
Pressure measurement for hot and cold lamination
Grasping force measurement in robotic hands

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