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    • Technical Specification
    • Features
    • Applications
    Standard Measurement Range (mm)75, 10, 25, 50, 100, Any other non-standard range
    Accuracy (combined LRH)0.1% FS
    Output SignalPotentiometric (Nearly same as input voltage)
    Protection LevelIP65
    Operating Temp. Range-60 to +100°C
    Temp. Coefficient of Span1.5ppm FS/°C
    Temp. Coefficient of Zero1.5ppm FS/°C
    Electric Connection1m cable, 3m cable, 5m cable, Pin connection
    • High Measuring Accuracy
    • Measurement Range of 10 to 100mm
    • Compact and Rugged Model
    • Wide Range of Applications
    • Low Static and Thermal Errors
    • Suitable for Static Measurement
    • Automation applications
    • Hydraulic cylinder positioning
    • Construction and mining industry
    • Aerospace, automotive and rail applications
    • Gap and tolerance control systems
    • Industrial machinery positioning
    • Valve position control
    • Inspection and quality control systems
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