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Types Of Pressure Sensors And Their Uses

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Types Of Pressure Sensors And Their Uses
  • August 28, 2017

Types Of Pressure Sensors And Their Uses

A pressure sensor is a device that is used to monitor and control a wide array of applications. It offers measured data for industrial systems and equipment to enable better supervision. Such measurements are essential in process environments and industrial automation as they have a direct impact on the success of a process. This makes pressure sensors a vital component in control and measurement technology. 

Pressure sensors are instruments that have the capacity to recognize pressure and convert it to an analogue electric signal. They are used in various sectors to offer accurate measurement and provide better insight. Pressure sensors are employed in the automotive sector to lower emission of toxic gases. Besides, they play a vital role in spheres like engine management, air conditioning, blood pressure monitoring, electronics, brake systems and more.

Types of Pressure Sensors:

Pressure sensors are used in numerous applications and vary in terms of technology, design, and performance. They can be classified based on various parameters like the pressure range measured, temperature range and the type of pressure that they measure. Based on pressure type, pressure sensors can be categorized into the following types:

Absolute Pressure sensor:

In this type of sensor, the pressure is measured relative to perfect vacuum. This implies that it includes the influence of atmospheric pressure. However, there is limited usage of Absolute Pressure Sensors as attaining the state of perfect vacuum is highly difficult. Sensors with Absolute Pressure are used as a part of barometric or elevation related pressure estimations.

Gauge Pressure Sensor:

In this type of pressure sensor, the pressure is measured with the sensor referenced against atmospheric pressure. In other words, this form of pressure measurement does not include the effect of atmospheric pressure.

Differential Pressure Sensor:

This involves the measurement of the difference between pressures that are introduced to the sensing unit as inputs. It is similar to gauge sensor but the point of reference is another pressure point.

Uses of Pressure sensors:

Energy Conservation:

Accurate pressure measurement is essential for enhanced energy conservation. Pressure sensors are widely used in weather stations, ocean research, water pollution devices, atmospheric studies, testing devices for vehicle emission and more.

Touch Screen Devices:

Computer devices and advanced mobile phones with touch screen display include pressure sensors. Even a slight application of pressure through the finger or the stylus creates a signal. The sensor figures out where exactly the pressure has been applied and accordingly connects to the processor.
Automotive Industry:

In this sector, pressure sensors form a critical part of the engine and ensure its safety. In the motor, these sensors monitor the coolant pressure and the oil. These sensors are also responsible for regulating the power when a brake is applied or an accelerator is used.
Bio-Medical Instrumentation:

In instruments like advanced pulse screens and ventilators, pressure sensors help to optimize the functioning of instruments based on the requirement.
Mechanical Uses:

Pressure sensors can effectively help to monitor gases and their pressure in industrial units to ensure that chemical reactions occur in a controlled environment.


In the aeroplanes, pressure sensors are required to maintain a balance between the control unit of the aeroplanes and the atmospheric pressure. This not just secures the hardware and the different parts of the plane but, also helps to give correct information about the outside condition.

Marine Industry:

Pressure sensors are required in the marine sector to gauge the depth in which ships and submarines are operating. They also give an idea about the existing marine conditions to ensure the safety of electronic systems.

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