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Advancements In Weighing Technology

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  • May 22, 2019

Advancements In Weighing Technology

Advancements in Weighing Technology Provide Durable, Highly-Reliable Load Sensing Devices

Weighing is an integral part of several industries such as packaging, material handling, transportation, logistics and food processing. These industries rely on the most accurate weighing solutions to deliver exact quantities to clients, optimise production, streamline inventory management, improve billing accuracy and ensure maximum ROI.

A reliable and fully automated weighing technology is critical for delivering precise, reliable and repeatable readings each time a particular load is measured. The weighing mechanism should also be weather-proof and shock-proof so it can work in both outdoors and harsh environments.

An Early History of Weighing Technology

Before electronic scales were introduced, loads were measured manually on traditional weighing scales, which was a cumbersome process and prone to several errors. Electronic scales provided a more convenient and accurate way of weighing loads and delivering results efficiently.

Early electronic scales were available in diverse sizes and loading capacities and were designed to meet different weighing requirements. These scales provided accurate and repeatable results under diverse environmental conditions; both indoors and outdoors.

The Challenges

Electronic scales have load cells that convert mechanical force (when a weight is loaded on the scales) into electrical signals. These signals generate the measurable results that are displayed on the scales.

Most electronic weighing scales worked on the cantilever principle. In this method, one end of the load cell remains fixed while the other end is suspended to absorb the force of the load placed on the scales. Once the load is removed after measurement, the suspended end of the load cell reverts to the initial position.

As the system required mechanical movement, it was also prone to error and particularly susceptible to vibrations, shocks and the surrounding environment. Consequently, such early electronic weighing systems weren’t always reliable especially when used under demanding industrial conditions and outdoors environment.

Advancements in Technology for More Accurate Results

The need to eliminate any chances of error led to the development of the all-electronic strain gauge weight sensor. These latest weight sensors are designed to measure loads and provide the most accurate results irrespective of the conditions they are working under.

They provide highly accurate measurement, exceptional protection against overloading and less fatigue. They deliver the most precise and reliable reading repeatedly thereby making it easy to weigh the loads. The sensors are also immune to outdoor conditions, are shockproof and require minimal maintenance. Their high durability which makes them an ideal long-term investment for your business.

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