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Signs Of A Faulty Pressure Sensor

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  • December 8, 2017

Signs Of A Faulty Pressure Sensor

There are many types of pressure sensors for a wide number of applications and processes. From automobiles to measuring flows in pipelines, fluid level measurements, density measurements, a differential pressure can provide the best solution for your application.

How Does a Differential Pressure Sensor Work?

The differential pressure sensor is a measurement technique based on two different reference pressures. The sensor is designed in such a way that it can permit access to either side of a diaphragm by gases or liquids. This generates a pressure from both sides against the central diaphragm.

A gauge is used in order to read or measure the changes from the pressure to either side of the central diaphragm. This can involve an increase in the pressure on one side, or decrease in the pressure on the other side. The sensor then measures the diaphragm’s deformation, and converts the change into an electrical signal.

It is also capable of transmitting this information directly through wireless, USB, or other digital methods to computer systems that are responsible for monitoring, recording, and controlling the flow or some other variable.

When Has a Failure Occurred?

The most common cause of a failure for differential pressure sensor is the damage to the diaphragm which also causes it to become deformed. It may also lose the ability to respond accurately to changes in pressure.

Differential pressure sensor damage can result from extreme bursts of pressure that are abnormal for the system. You may also inadvertently damage the system if you install the wrong size or type of sensor for the given operating conditions.

Another problem that may occur is due to damage at the port area of the sensor. This can happen as a result of contamination or debris in the system that becomes lodged in the port or the tube, which results in a restriction of the proper flow of fluid into the sensor.

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